Insurance Claims

Most people don’t have someone on speed dial just in case a water damage, fire/smoke damage or other similar event happens to their home. Such events can be extremely stressful and difficult to manage. Most people simply want their homes restored to how it was, but others may feel upgrades and changes may be in order. Whichever the case, we have over 20 years’ experience over thousands of insurance claims working with all major carriers and would be honored to help through these situations!

Kitchen Insurance Claim Work Before
Kitchen Insurance Claim Work After

This modular home had a water heater failure that damaged a portion of the kitchen and adjacent closet. Among other services we performed here, we repaired the kitchen sheetrock and were able to reassemble and reinstall the existing cabinets and countertop so that the affected area could match the rest of the kitchen and minimize further disruption for the residents.

Hallway Flooring Before
Hallway Flooring After

This condominium was impacted by a water damage from the unit above. We were able not only repair and repaint the affected sheetrock and trim, but were also able to exactly match her flooring that ran throughout the entire unit! This kept both the costs and personal disruption to a minimum so the resident could resume her normal life!

Ktichen Remodel Before
Ktichen Remodel After

This house had a hose bib freeze on the back wall of the kitchen that flooded much of the main floor. We were able to again exactly match the flooring and trim and fully restore their home like nothing ever happened.

Exterior Model Before
Exterior Model After

An impaired driver missed a stop sign across the street, flipped the car, and crashed against the side of this garage. The framing was repaired, window replaced, interior and exterior finishes replaced/repaired, and the home fully restored.

Bathroom Remodel Before
Bathroom Remodel After

A water line leaked in the ceiling of this basement bathroom and damaged many of the finishes. The walls of the shower had to be removed in order to address mold and trapped moisture. The owners took the opportunity to have us make some cosmetic changes to the shower while we also restored and painted the other areas. Repairs also included removing and reinstalling the vanity and top.

Kitchen Work Before
Kitchen Insurance Claim After
Kitchen Work After
Kitchen Insurance Claim Before

An appliance failed in this kitchen and flooded much of the main floor, essentially ruining the kitchen. These owners decided to upgrade their finishes and take the opportunity for a new kitchen that better met their family’s needs. They also opted to replace a railing with a custom rustic option that they loved!